Grades FAQ

What is the difference between a Progress Report and a Report Card?
We developed a GPA Progress Report Job-Aid for parents. This document contains visual diagrams representing relationships between progress reports and report cards. The job aid also provides details on how to calculate academic and citizenship GPA. Click this link to view the GPA Progress Report Job-Aid for parents.

What is a GPA?

Grade Point Average (GPA) a measure of scholastic attainment computed by dividing the total number of grade points received by the total number of credits of course work taken. GPA's are calculated every six weeks using the most recent grades awarded by your child's teacher.

What types of GPA's are used at Dana? What is a Citizenship GPA?

Dana uses two different types of GPA's, academic and citizenship. An academic and citizenship grade is reported for each class. The academic GPA represents school work. The citizenship GPA represents effort and behavior. Dana teachers use a Citizenship Rubric to determine a child's citizenship grade. Our Citizenship Rubric is available for download. Follow this link to download the document (look for Citizenship Rubric). 

How are GPAs calculated?

Each grade is assigned a number of points. The scale below is used to determine the number of points assigned for each grade:

A - 4.0
B - 3.0
C - 2.0
D - 1.0
F - 0.0
NOTE: Plus and minus grades represent teacher comments. They are not recorded in your child's academic history and not part of the GPA calculation.

G -Exceed Standards - 3.0
S - Meet Standards - 2.0
N - Not Meeting Standards - 1.0

Follow this link and view our Citizenship Grade rubric to learn how citizenship grades are awarded at Dana.

Your student earns an academic and citizenship grade for each class. A GPA reflects the average of these grades. This process can be complex because grades are weighted based upon the frequency the class meetings. Students spend twice the amount of time in a language arts class as they do for math or social studies. As a result, the language arts grade earns twice the value. Students spend half the amount of time in PE and science as they do in math or social studies. As a result, these classes earn half the value. We have developed a job-aid to help parents understand this process.

Are plus and minus grades worth more or less than standard grades?

No. According to SDUSD policy, a student receives credit for one of the following grades: A, B, C, D, or F. The plus or minus comment is used to help the student understand how close they are to receiving a different grade. In other words, as far as GPA's are concerned, a B+ is the same as a B-.

Why is the Citizenship GPA important?

We use citizenship GPA to determine if you can participate in the following events:

  • Rewards Assemblies
  • ASB Dances
  • 6th Grade Field Day

When are progress reports and report cards distributed?
Please view our calendar for progress report and report card distribution dates for the current school year.

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