4/3 IMPORTANT: Reopening Info for Parents

4/3 Letter To Parents re: Reopening on April 12th
Posted on 04/03/2021

Dear Dana Families,

 On behalf of our outstanding educators, incredible support staff, and our administrative team, I am thrilled to share with you the details of our planning for the classroom reopening on April 12th. I am equally proud of the work our team has done to maintain a robust online option for families who have chosen that option. No matter the model, we are determined to help each and every student finish the academic year feeling strong and excited about their future.

 April 5-9

April 5th through 9th is the last week of Quarter 3.

The district has identified this week as Educator Preparation Week. Staff members will be working onsite to configure and prepare classrooms for students returning on April 12th. Students will receive a total of 120 minutes of live instruction per day during this week. All students will participate remotely during this week. Staff members will be on site preparing for the re-opening of school on April 12th.

Dana students will follow the schedule below for this week only:

  • Period 1 - 7:40 - 8:20
  • Period 2 - 8:30 - 9:10
  • Period 3 - 9:20 - 10:00

This week, the school day will include 240 instructional minutes with 120 minutes of live instruction and 120 minutes of independent assignments. Teachers may choose to offer additional minutes of live instruction based on curriculum and student instructional needs.  With that being said, we hope you and your family will take time to prepare for a safe classroom reopening.

Click this link to learn more about your child's schedule.

April 12th

April 12th is the first day of Quarter 4. All students will attend Periods 4,5, and 6.

We will open our campus on a 2-day schedule for in-person learning. Half of our student population will participate in in-person learning on Monday and Tuesday while the other half will participate online. The remaining half of the student population will participate in in-person learning on Wednesday and Thursday while the first half participates online.

We are coordinating with Point Loma High School and Correia Middle School regarding the division of the student population. We will announce the alphabetical breakdown by Tuesday, April 6th.

The decision to offer a 2 day schedule was based upon the higher than expected level of interest recorded via the parent survey. Over 85% of the families who responded to the survey stated they plan on having their children return to campus April 12th. We simply cannot fit 85% of our students into our existing classrooms following district health and safety protocols.

We are committed to exploring the option of returning to a 4 Day schedule where all interested students return to in-person learning Monday through Thursday. We will analyze attendance data from April 12th through April 23rd to determine if we can safely convert to a 4 Day model starting the third week. We will continue to communicate information to parents as it becomes available.

All students will follow the schedule below. This schedule applies to students who will be on campus, as well as those who will be learning from home.

Monday - Thursday

  • Period 4 - 7:40-8:54
  •  Period 5 - 9:03-10:17
  • Period 6 - 10:26-11:40

 Friday - Student Check-In (online only for all students - no students on campus)

  •  Period 4 - 7:40 - 7:50
  •  Period 5 - 7:55 - 8:05
  •  Period 6 - 8:10 - 8:20

Health & Safety Guidelines

We have adopted 2-way directional hallways to minimize student contact. All students will need to access campus through one of three access points.Click the links above to become familiar with these guidelines.

Supporting Our Students

We recognize the weeks ahead will be both exciting and challenging. Despite all our planning over the past year, there will be surprises no one anticipated, and we will need the goodwill and support of everyone to get through these challenges together. Most of all, we recognize students may be facing complex emotions, as they prepare to re-engage with friends they have not seen in months. Counselors have been specially trained to help students cope, and they will have plenty of tools to help students work through their feelings and learn to love school again.

Here are 9 things you can do to prepare:

  1.  Have an age-appropriate conversation with your student about why your family chose the hybrid model or the online option. Students may have friends who made a different decision, and it is important for students to understand every choice deserves to be respected.
  2.  Practice proper hygiene. Remind students to thoroughly wash their hands for enough time to kill all germs. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends scrubbing your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds. 
  3.  Practice wearing a mask. Masks will be required when students return to campus, and they are still recommended every time you leave the house. Students should practice covering both their nose and mouth with a snug but comfortable mask.
  4.  Review the rules on physical distancing. As much as friends may wish to greet each other warmly on campus next week, everyone must keep a respectful distance between themselves and other students. Remind your students about these rules for everyone’s safety.
  5. Students will not eat lunch on campus for the remainder of the school year. A grab-n-go lunch will be made available. Click this link for more information.
  6.  Confirm your transportation plans with your student. Students must arrive on campus between 7:30 and 7:40 AM. Students are not allowed to loiter on campus before 7:30 AM. Take time to learn the new entry points for school. These rules are in place to minimize the chance of Covid-19 coming onto campus from the surrounding community.
  7. Students must leave campus immediately after 11:40 AM. After school activities are by appointment only.
  8.  Check in with your students to measure their emotional health. Returning to the classroom after a year can be as emotionally difficult as starting school all over again for the first time. Counselors will be available to help, but you can make things easier by talking with your students about their feelings.
  9.  Think of April 12 as the start of a whole new experience for your student. Remember to share with your teacher how your student has been coping during the past year. Share your goals for your student for the remainder of the school year.

We are looking forward to an exciting and productive end of the school year for all our students, and we look forward to seeing everyone soon.

Additional information regarding the reopening of school on April 12th will be shared with parents on April 10th.


Scott Irwin

Principal - Dana Middle

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