Student Recognition & Honor Roll FAQs

What is a Dana Student Recognition Assembly & when is it held?

The Dana Student Recognition Assembly is an opportunity to acknowledge students who have demonstrated academic excellence and a commitment towards demonstrating the values and beliefs we promote in our students. Students are eligible to receive three types of awards.

  • Character Recognition - Each teacher identifies one student per category. Students are recognized for consistently demonstrating character traits emphasized in our citizenship rubric and Pointer Way documents. These include:
    • Positive/Cooperative - for demonstrating a positive/cooperative attitude with adults & students.
    • Problem Solving - for excelling in solving problems independently in class.
    • Communication - for communicating well with others and being focused on trying to understand others before being understood.
    • Kindness - for practicing self-control, kindness, honesty and respect for others.
    • Grit/Resilience - for being a hard worker who is consistently on task and gives their best effort.
    • Biliteracy - for mastering two or more languages. These students have improved problem solving skills, an increased understanding of different cultures, and multiple perspectives.
  • Academic Recognition - Each teacher identifies two students per category. Students are recognized for demonstrating a commitment towards exceeding grade level standards.
  • Outstanding Students - 14 students school-wide are acknowledged for:
    • Dana Leadership Award - for demonstrating excellent communication skills, being trustworthy, and possessing the ability to take charge.
    • Award for Innovative Thinking - for being creative, global-minded, tech-savvy, and thinking outside the box.
    • Larry Zeiger Visual & Performing Arts Award - for demonstrating great enthusiasm, positive energy, and dedication to the arts.
    • The Malala Peace Award - for being compassionate, a problem solver, and an all-around peacemaker who seeks to include all, especially the underdog.
    • OB People's Co-Op Go Green Award - for dedication and commitment to increasing environmental awareness and for making a difference in our community.
    • Award for Physical Excellence - for demonstrating incredible self-discipline, high levels of perseverance, and for being goal oriented.

Students are recognized during an assembly at the end of the year. Families of students selected to participate in the student recognition assembly will receive an invite two weeks prior to the event.

How do students qualify?
Students are nominated for the awards by their teachers. While it is true many children may exhibit the character traits mentioned above, we limit recognition to students who were nominated by their teacher. We encourage all families to celebrate their children’s successes regardless of if they receive a certificate or not.

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