What To Expect?

What To Expect?

The Dana Middle Staff is progressing towards the implementation of standards-based grading. Expect one or more of the following shifts to appear in PowerSchool.


Traditional Model

Standards-based Model

Academic Grade

What was considered acceptable was subjective and varied. Some families only accept an “A” grade from their children.

Students are expected to meet grade level standards. This is represented by a 3/B. 

A 4/A (Exceeds Standards) should be considered as exceptional and rarely obtained. Expecting children to obtain 4’s on a regular basis is unrealistic.

Grading Intervals

A = 100-90

B = 89-80

C= 79-70

D = 69-60

F = 59-0

60% of the range is associated with failure.

A/4 = Exceeds Standards

B/3 = Meets Standards

C/2 = Approaching Standards

D/1 = Below Standards

F/0 = Not Enough Evidence

Equal intervals for all categories.


Students are measured on a 100 point scale. Electronic gradebooks were used to calculate this level of granularity.

Traditional 100 point increments do not apply to this measurement system. Parents should ignore legacy percentages in PowerSchool and focus on individual assignment scores.

Late work

Late work results in a lower academic grade

Late work results in a lower citizenship grade. The academic grade is used to measure student knowledge of standards.


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