Supplies & Backpack FAQs

Where can I download a student supply list?
Incoming students and families are excited about getting ready for the first day of school. Unfortunately, in compliance with the California Department of Education, we cannot post a "School Supply List". Please follow this link for more information. Our parent association posts a suggested student supply list on their own website. You can view it here.

I am concerned about the weight of the textbooks in my child's backpack.
We occasionally hear of this concern from parents. The cause is sometimes a misunderstanding of expectations on behalf of the student. Most teachers do not require students to carry all of their books to and from school every day. Many books should be left home unless requested by the teacher. Please follow these steps to resolve the problem:

  • Empty the entire contents of your child's backpack onto the kitchen table. Ask your child to identify textbooks meant to be left at home and remove them from the backpack.
  • Review the materials your child keeps in their backpack. Students should not use their backpack as a storage container for all of their school supplies. For example, your student may only need one composition book at a time. Additional composition books should be left at home. Students do not need to keep an entire ream of paper in their backpacks, just enough for the day.
  • Refer to your childs' syllabi to find a list of textbooks online.
  • Contact your child's teacher directly for clarification. Our staff can help troubleshoot issues or concerns.
  • The majority of the Dana students utilize a "rolling backpack"
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