i21 Classroom

"The Integrated 21st Century (i21) Interactive Classroom is an engaging and personalized learning environment designed to optimize teaching and learning through the interconnected use of mobile computing, audio, visual and formative assessment technologies across the curriculum."

Q: What is i21?
A: Proposition S has funded the upgrade of 7,000 classrooms across the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD). Here in Point Loma, classrooms at grades 2 through 12 are receiving upgrades that include teacher multimedia presentation stations, student netbooks, and access to a variety of digital tools for use with improving student achievement and engagement.

Professional Development (PD) is a critical component of the i21 project. Classroom teachers and support staff receive training on how to use these digital tools to revolutionize how students receive instruction. Professional Development will be provided by both the SDUSD Educational Technology Department and at the cluster level through coordinated PD activities designed to meet the unique needs of our staff and students.

Q: What types of tools are being made available?
A: Staff and students will have access to

  • Student netbooks
  • Student response systems
  • Teacher laptops
  • Presentation stations
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Audio and visual systems
  • Online document storage

Q: How is i21 changing education in the Point Loma cluster?
A: The i21 project allows all students in the Point Loma cluster, regardless of the school, to have access to the same technology. Teacher and administrators are incorporating i21 tools into their professional development activities.

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