April 18th Dana Update

April 18th Dana Update
Posted on 04/18/2021

Status Update on 2 Day vs. 4 Day Onsite Schedules at Dana

 Our initial parent survey results show 83% of the students surveyed want to return. Actual head counts conducted during the week showed 78% of our students physically returned during the week of April 12th through 16th. We built hypothetical 4 Day schedules based upon the actual headcount numbers.

 IMPORTANT: Families who responded to the parent survey stating they wish to return to onsite learning but have chosen to NOT have their children return onsite are being placed in the online learning model and will NOT be factored in when building potential 4 Day schedules. In the event we are able to move to a 4 Day schedule, these families will need to contact their child’s counselor prior to returning to determine if space is available. Please contact your child’s counselor with any questions regarding this topic.

We have ariances in return rates between periods for each teacher. Some 2 Day schedule classes are currently single digit or in the low teen’s. Other classes are in the high teen’s or low twenties. As you could imagine, combining two divided classes currently in the high teen’s would result in a situation where we exceed the maximum capacity of the room. 

 Our initial analysis of a hypothetical 4 day schedule identified seven classrooms where one or more periods could not meet current health and safety guidelines due to the number of students who physically returned the first day of school via the 2 day schedule. Six additional classrooms were identified as being questionable and will require further analysis on Monday.

 We are exploring options for moving classes, temporarily rescheduling students into “overflow” rooms, and combining small classes as methods for accompanying a four day a week schedule. Our goal is to finalize our analysis and communicate our plan to parents by the end of next week. We will continue to keep our families posted as we navigate through this process.

 Thank you again for your support and patience.

No GATE Testing During 20-21 School Year

 On April 9th the SDUSD GATE Department announced they will not conduct GATE testing during the 2020-21 school year. No additional information was released at that time. This includes plans for next year, plans for testing at another date, or placement options for 2021-22.etc… We will continue to share information with parents as it becomes available. Please contact the SDUSD GATE office at [email protected] with questions regarding this topic.

First Day of Onsite Instruction - Lessons Learned

 The letter below was distributed to parents on April 12th. It contains helpful tips and information for students returning to school. Please review this letter if you have not already done so.

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