Mathmatics Program & Placement Process


The District completed full implementation of the CommonCore State Standards, which required a shift in how mathematics instruction wasimplemented. Course sequences, instructional materials and strategieswere adjusted.

Changes to the Process

Input was gathered through site conversations, cluster level anddepartment conversations, and collaboration with a respected mathematicsconsultant to strategize next steps and improve the process. It was decidedthat as a district we would need to revise the existing pathways, identifymultiple measures that a site could use to determine student course placement,and create new Math Readiness Assessments that would align with SmarterBalanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) and district assessment practices.

Criteria for Placement

The District has identified four (4) measures as indicators forsites to utilize as they plan for student course placement:

  • Math Readiness Assessment
  • Math Grades
    • Elementary Student Progress Report datawill be used for elementary students
    • First and Second semester grade data will be used for secondary students
  • SBAC Assessment Results (if available)
  • Teacher Recommendation (only if requested by Middle School Administrator)

Math Readiness Assessments

Three (3) separate Math Readiness Assessments will beadministered:

  • Accelerated Math 6 - administered to all 5th graders entering Grade 6
  • Accelerated Math 7 - administered to all 6th graders entering Grade 7
  • Advanced Integrated Math I - administered to all 8th graders currently enrolled in Common Core 8 Math

The District made a decision not to develop a Math ReadinessAssessment for current 7th grade students entering Grade 8 in order to avoidcritical gaps in mathematical understanding and content standards. Studentscurrently enrolled in Accelerated Math 7 will be placed in Advanced IntegratedMath I. Opportunities for acceleration are available upon matriculation to highschool.

Please follow this link to learn more about the math placement process at Dana Middle.

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