Bicycle / eBike FAQs

Can students ride a bicycle to school?

Yes. Many students ride bicycles, scooters, and skateboards to school. We have a bike rack located at the front of the school on Chatsworth Blvd. and a skateboard/scooter rack located on the playground. Students are expected to wear a helmet and secure their vechicles.

What is the school policy on eBikes?

We do not recommend students ride eBikes to school unless they have participated in a structured vechicle safety class. Chatsworth Blvd. is a busy thoroughfare. We have witnessed students weaving through traffic on Chatsworth Blvd or riding at high rates of speed on sidewalks. Children are not familiar with the concept of blind spots or the length of time it takes for a motor-vehicle operator to stop or slow down a car or truck. Many eBikes can travel between 30 and 40 mph. This is faster than the legal speed limit on the streets around our school

What is the school policy on helmets?

We cannot allow students to ride an eBike, a traditional bicycle, skateboard, or scooter to and from school without a helmet. We will confiscate items from children who habitually attempt to ride without a helmet and require parents to come to school to pick up the item.

Can my child ride an expensive bicycle/eBike to school?

We never recommend this. We witness many student owners of expensive mountain bikes and eBikes leaving their vehicles unlocked in our bike rack area or secured with locks that can be easily cut. Please understand we are not financially liable for vehicles stolen from our bike rack area. We do not recommend riding expensive bicycles or eBikes to school. If the financial impact of losing the vehicle will negatively impact your finances then we recommend you do not allow your child to ride the bike to school. A cheap bicycle is a recommended alternative.

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